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Short Game Lessons & Drills

Short Game Lessons & Drills

Chipping and pitching, hitting approach shots and learning how to score. The closer you get the ball, the easier it will be to play better. Our top teachers help you improve with video drills and advice.

Short Game Lessons & Drills
  • Kellie Stenzel: Downhill Chip with Putter

    In this tip we have a shot that people get a lot from the rough around a green. The ball is above the pin with an aggressive slope. Most people might try a 60 Degree wedge to keep the ball from rolling to far past the cup. In this golf tip GOLF Magazine TOP 100 Teacher Kellie Stenzel provides ...

  • Nick Faldo: Chipping-2

    A segment from Nick Faldo's chipping instruction

  • Mike Davis: Approach Shots

    In this golf tip from GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher Mike Davis (Walters Golf Academy - Las Vegas, Nevada) we learn how to choose the right shot with our wedges to approach different greens. Mike also helps you learn to hit these shots.

  • Steve Bosdosh: 60 Yard Pitch Shots

    Golf Magazine TOP 100 Teacher Steve Bosdosh provides a golf lesson from the fairway involving 60 yard approach shots. These are the key shots to learn if you want to score. In this lesson Steve discusses using different types of shots depending on the pin placement and slope of the green.

  • Hwedge Tight Lie Tip

  • Hwedge out of the Fairway

    See how the Hybrid Wedge from Hwedge makes hitting those shots out of the fairway easier to get the ball up high and onto the green.

  • Hwedge Fairway Tip

  • Hwedge 60° over tree

    The Hybrid wedge from Hwedge has no problems getting over tall trees to get your ball on the green

  • Hwedge out of the Bunker

    The Hybrid Wedge from Hwedge makes hitting your ball out of the bunker easier

  • Shawn Cox: Bunker Lie Tip

    When you get into a bunker there are some adjustments that you need to make with your setup if you want to be successful and save par. Two tips are to lower your hands and open up the club face. Shawn Cox gives us a great bunker tip!

  • Shawn Cox: Shaft Line Tip

    It has been said over and over again that they shaft line is important in your golf swing. It is also extremely important in your short game as well. Shawn Cox gives a tip to help with the shots around the green by getting your shaft line lined up!

  • Glenn Deck: Bunker Tip

    Many people struggle getting out of the bunker when there is not a lot of green to work with! Glenn Deck, from Pelican Hills Golf Course, shows us the proper way to set up and strike the golf ball out of the sand!

  • Dean Reinmuth: Hitting out of Rough

    Golf Life gives you a great golf tip from Dean Reinmuth. He shows you how to hit over a tree limb getting your ball to the green easier using the Blackmagic Hybrid Wedge.

  • Fred Griffin: Wedge Distance

    Fred Griffin is the director of the Grand Cypress Academy of Golf in Orlando, Florida. In his tenure of teaching Fred Griffin has earned some serious recognition as Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher, and Golf Digest Top Teacher in the state of Florida, 1988 North Florida ...

  • Dave Pelz: Game Management

    We catch up with top golf instructor Dave Pelz for a great lesson about avoiding course hazards in this game management lesson.

  • Chuck Cook: Chipping Board

    We join golf instructor Chuck Cook for a chipping lesson involving a board, shaft, line and rope that create a station to help you improve your short game.

  • Dave Pelz: Working on Wedges

    Learn to manage your game better with Short Game Guru, Dave Pelz.

  • Chuck Cook: Chipping Friction

    We catch up with golf instructor Chuck Cook for a great lesson on how to create friction with your chip shots.

  • Jeff Ritter: Chipping Technique

    We join top golf instructor Jeff Ritter for a great lesson on proper chipping technique.

  • Dr. Jim Suttie: Second Cut Chipping

    Sometimes we find ourselves in the rough next to the green. The second cut is the only thing in your way. We catch up with Dr. Jim Suttie at Coghill to learn how to chip over the second cut without flying by the pin.

  • Chuck Cook: Chipping Cut Sweep

    We catch up with golf instructor Chuck Cook to learn a few different chipping techniques and how and when to use them. This tip is all about the cut sweep and how to properly use this chipping technique.

  • Chuck Cook: Chipping Loft

    We catch up with golf instructor Chuck Cook for a great chipping drill to help you control your distance with different lengths and clubs.

  • Brady Riggs: Chipping With an 8-Iron

    We catch up with golf instructor Brady Riggs to learn how to chip with an 8 iron rather than the traditional sand wedge.

  • Mike Davis: Chip Tip

    We catch up with top golf instructor Mike Davis in Las Vegas for a great chip tip and drill to help improve your short game.