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Full Swing Lessons

Full Swing Lessons

Get help with your swing, setup and drills you can do to improve your full golf swing.

Full Swing Lessons
  • Mike Malaska: Driver Swing Tip

    MIke Malaska shows us the best way to consistently hit good shots with the driver off the tee. Being consistent and understanding your swing is the most important part of hitting your driver from the tee box.

  • Mike Malaska: Balancing Your Body

    Have you ever thought of swinging opposite handed to balance your body. Mike Malaska gives us a tip on how to make sure your body is balanced to better your scores.

  • Mike Malaska: Know Your Distances

    Top Instructor, Mike Malaska, tells us why knowing your iron distances is so important. Your game will improve if you take the time to know your carry distances of each iron.

  • Bobby Steiner: 270 Tee Shot

    Golf Life received a great golf tip from Bobby Steiner, the Director of Instruction at Horseshoe Bay Resort in Central Texas. He shows us the 270 Tee Shot!

  • Nick Faldo: Throwing Motion

    To be good at golf requires good physical fitness. Nick Faldo shows us a quick exercise with a 3 pound medicine ball to help improve our golf swing.

  • Devon Bonebrake: Driver Setup

    Golf Life gets a great Golf Tip from Top Teacher Devan Bonebrake. He shows us how to have proper driver setup.

  • Jeff Ritter: Fix your Slice

    Golf Life gets a golf tip from Top Teacher Jeff Ritter. He will show you how to fix that slice!

  • Randy Chang: L to L Tip

    Golf Life gets a great Golf Tip from Randy Chang as he works on a Junior Golfers golf swing!

  • Jeff Ritter: Creating Power

    Learn how to generate more power in the tee box with top golf instructor Jeff Ritter

  • Shawn Cox: Pre-shot Routine

    Golf Life gets a great golf tip from Top Teacher Shawn Cox. He gives us a Pre-Shot Routine all golfers should check out!

  • Dean Reinmuth: 2 Halfs Drill

    Every golf course has water, well almost all of them do, but when when we see water in front of us we tend to get quicker thinking about the water ahead. Dean Reinmuth shows us a great drill to help you stay out of the water!

  • John Tattersall: Swing Tip

    Golf life gets a great golf tip from Top Teacher Jon Tattersall.

  • John Tattersall: Curve Shots

    It is a lost art form being able to lay up your shot correctly on the green. Be just like Tiger Woods in this golf tip by Top 100 Teacher Jon Tattersall as he describes how to aim at the pin and correctly adjust your shot according to the pin placement on the green. Hit a draw by allowing the han...

  • Randy Chang Grip Pressure Tip

    Golf Life caught up with Top Teacher Randy Chang. He talks about constant grip pressure with Head Chef of the Great Oaks Steakhouse Andre Pinto!

  • Glenn Deck: 5 Min Tip

    This day in age, many people do not have the time or patience to sit out on the range and get their work in. Glenn Deck has a drill/tip that you can get done in 5 min all while getting better at golf!

  • Gale Peterson: 5 Simple Steps to a Golf Swing

    We join top golf instructor Gale Peterson for a great 5 Step golf lesson to help build our golf swing from the ground up.

  • Shawn Cox: Swing Faults

    Shawn Cox, a Top Teacher, shows us the difference in swings between an amateur and a professional. One common flaw between all the amateur is that they all have an "over the top" swing!

  • Nick Faldo: Learning Styles

    Not everyone thinks or learns the same way. Some people learn easier with audio while other people need to physically see what they're doing to learn. Nick Faldo goes over the different styles of teaching to cover all aspects of a students learning capability.

  • Nick Faldo: Full Swing Overview

    What does one of the greatest golfers of all time think about the golf swing. In this behind the scenes video feature we listen in as he talks with instructors about his philosophy.

  • Nick Faldo: Alignment

    Nick shows other professionals the importance on Alignment.

  • Shawn Cox: Kinematic Sequence

    Golf Life headed to Southern California to meetup with Shawn Cox, the Director of Golf at The Grand Golf Club in Grand Del Mar, California, to provide you some golf instruction sure to help your swing and golf fitness.

  • John Miller: Swing Tip

    John Miller, from the Reserve Club gives Colton Little a swing tip out on the golf course.

  • Dale Abraham: Swing Evaluation

    Golf Life got a golf evaluation from top teacher Dale Abraham at the Big Horn Golf Club in Palm Desert California.

  • John Tattersall: Power Tip

    We join top golf instructor Jon Tattersall for some great advice on how to create power in your golf swing.